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Send Bulk SMS Notifications to Keep Your Customers Updated On New Offerings

People from all races, ages and generations have adapted the trend of texting. This activity has become a regular thing in our daily lives. However, there is a term called the bulk text messaging. Bulk SMS messaging is the act of sending very long messages with many characters to the mobile phones of a certain selected group of people. They may have objectives or sometimes they may not. Text messaging has actually evolved from person to person texting that includes a single thread to a very bulky message that is sent to a very huge number of people.

Well, as much as negative all of these issues sound, there is actually a circumstance where it becomes useful. Most of the time this kind of messaging can be used for business purposes for positive reasons. Moreover, there are advantages of using it in businesses. Let us take a look.

Marketing texts:

There is this one assumption when you see these bulk messages and it is something to do with marketing. This is where business people take the advantage and advertise their new products that are out in the market. This is also a platform where they add special features to their products that were not mentioned before. This should prompt the buyers to purchase from you again. Marketing texts is very effective and low in cost when you are persuading the clients to purchase the goods again.


This is another advantageous tool for the business to use to remind their clients the time that they are supposed to carry out a certain action. For an instance, if you are a businessman and working in a library you are able to send bulk SMS notifications to your customers at a lower cost without spending too much. It is going to be very convenient to both the customer and the business when this service is used.


As much as it is assumed that appointments are only meant to benefit the client, it is also revenue for the business. There is a lot of revenue that is lost due to missing of appointments by their clients. They have been finding it very hard to keep up with the pace. That is why the bulk messaging comes in to remind the customers of their specific appointments. Now it is easier to remind a client that he or she has an appointment and it also helps the enterprise to schedule the time efficiently without any strains. Appointments can be made through text messages; then automatic reminders can be sent to the customer before the date so that they won’t forget. There are instances where they can’t make it. Then this should provide you with the right opportunity to reschedule the appointment.

Debt collection

This is a message that everyone hates looking at it for another moment. But this is a good chance for the business people to send you that long bulk SMS to demand their debts. As much as it is a disadvantage to the customer, it is also able to keep it in their mind and schedule on what time to repay the money.

Most of the businesses around have replaced the actual communication skills with text messaging. You cannot compare the goodness and the outcome of businesses marketing themselves out there, with the messaging technology. These services should only be used to Compliment them, not replacing them.

Another bad thing about these bulk text messages, they might be too bulk that they may fail to be delivered. Some mobile phones end up hanging due to this fact. If there was a very important notification that your clients were expecting then, the hanging happens, you are in a better chance of missing out on the turn up of your customers.

When you compare single messages with the bulk messages, you will notice that the bulk is expensive and costly. And maybe through all that you may not get a feedback from your customers. Or they might even fail to turn up.

Being cumbersome as the reader is also one drawback that really limits the business to market itself. Sometimes the client gets too tired to read the business’ texts all the time talking of the same thing over and over again.


We have noticed up above that bulk text messaging is not meant to disturb other users. It is mostly used in businesses and also in other SMS marketing practices. This is a form of technology that can elevate the business to greater heights.

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